Xtreme Sighting Solutions -


At Xtreme Sighting Solutions, we are designing some of the lightest, strongest and most durable sights on the market for today and tomorrow’s Bow Hunter! Our sights are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with large dove tails on both vertical and horizontal adjustments, which means superior holding strength once you lock it down, guaranteed! Comes in black or camo. They also come in three different individual adjustment pin combinations: 2 pin, 4 pin and 6 pin models.

Patent Pending Stainless Steel "MIM" Metal Injection Molded "Viper Fang" sight pins are unlike no other. The unique design of our sight pins make them one of the strongest and most solid built on the market. Your days of worrying about bending, breaking or cracking your pins are over! Plus, our pin design and two inch sight window gives you the widest, most uninterrupted field of views possible. Each sight pin is also illuminated by 24" inches of some of the brightest fiber optics in the industry. Quality glass level vial stays clear, and won't cloud up or fade like some plastic vials do over time. Our fiber optic housing is designed to allow 100% light penetration and light gathering capability to our fiber optics. What this means to you, the hunter, is well, let me make this short... your pins will be ready when you are, no matter what! The sights are also right or left-handed, just loosen the set screw on the bottom of the level vial holder and rotate to the opposite end. We here at Xtreme Sighting Solutions try to keep things simple, that gives you more time to do what you like to do, hunt! Like me, you've tried the rest, now shoot the best.

100% made in USA, with a "Lifetime Warranty" "Let Xtreme Sights be the solution to all your sighting problems"